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We apologize for the inconvenience in redirecting your click to this landing page, but we are in the process of redesigning our blog for improved access and even better content. The new blogwill include the most accessed previous blog posts along with fresh new posts on subjects relevant to the industries we serve. It should be finished about mid October. Please check back.

In the meantime, we would like to offer you access to a couple of white papers you might find of interest.

Segmentation & Targeted Marketing:
Direct Communication to Real Needs

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The following is an excerpt:

Across all industries, innovation is the key to placing your products and services above the rest. In a highly competitive marketplace, the innovators are the businesses that are finding success and driving forward despite economic conditions and changing trends. Whether you have just begun to bridle the power of e-marketing, or are a seasoned pro, it is imperative that your business continually taps into the magic behind your online efforts, list segmentation, metrics and targeted marketing. Innovation does not need to be a mystical experience or an intangible ideal. Metrics offer a tangible solution to channeling your e-marketing efforts and demonstrating true ROI.

New business can come from cold prospects, warm prospects, referral sources and even existing clients. Beyond reaching out to prospects, your communications could also be employed to regularly remind clients about all of the ?extra? services your firm can provide ? resulting in additional opportunities with minimal additional effort. But how do you know, really know, that any of these efforts are resulting in business growth? ... (continued) ...

Transform Your Marketing:
Outbound & Inbound Strategies

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The following is an excerpt:

Imagine what would happen if you combined the effectiveness of outbound marketing strategies like email marketing with the reach and visibility of inbound marketing? would it, could it, possibly transform your marketing?

There is nothing wrong with spending money on tried and true marketing strategies when they provide verifiably positive results. But if there is a chance that making a change, reconstructing or remodeling your efforts would produce even better results, you would be foolish not to try it. Consider the impact a more balanced mix of contemporary outbound and fresh inbound marketing strategies could have on your bottom line.

Inbound marketing alone may be sufficient for a company to target, convert and retain clients if the company is well known and well established within the industry. Victoria's Secret has one of the largest Facebook followings, with over 17 million fans. Their brand is known worldwide because they have done a fair amount of outbound marketing over the years with their catalogs and commercials. Could they get away with eliminating their outbound marketing? Probably. But even Victoria's Secret knows that to maximize their marketing investment, they should not stop utilizing traditional marketing methods.

Companies that do not yet have a universally recognizable brand do not have the luxury of even considering using inbound marketing as their sole strategy. It takes exposure to the masses to develop a brand and corporate identity, educate potential prospects about the company, and begin building credibility and trust.... (continued) ...